The AI-Powered customer feedback platform. Use our website popups and forms to collect feedback from your users - as if you were interviewing them yourself.
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Customer feedback popups you can implement with ease
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One line of code, and our platform will take care of everything
- Linkable feedback forms -
(Perfect for use with emails, web pages, documentation, etc.)
- AI-powered feedback pathways -
(It's like you are interviewing your customers yourself!)
Automatically extract more valuable feedback from your customers than you previously thought possible
Follow-up questions are drafted using artificial intelligence, based on the feedback your customers provide
Q: How was your experience with the platform?
A: It was great, but I had trouble with the file upload
Q: What kind of issue did you have with the file upload?
A: When uploading a file, it would sometimes yield an error
Q: Did you notice any particular pattern that appeared to trigger the issue?
A: I had only noticed it when uploading .pdf files
- AI-powered feedback analysis -
Dynamic analysis of feedback
Our artificial intelligence will analyze your customer feedback in aggregate, creating actionable insights that you can really use
Top feature requests
1. New style configurations
2. Ability to change delivery dates
3. More third-party platform integrations
4. Reduce software loading times
5. Make the website more accessible
Most loved features
1. Simplicity of user interface
2. Quality of customer support
3. Responsive delivery times
4. Fast live-chat response times
5. Campaigns tracking feature
Main complaints
1. Lack of style configuration options
2. Limited number of third-party integrations
3. Unclear pricing structure
4. Too many marketing emails
5. Non-configurable delivery scheduling
Competitors mentioned
1. Example Corp.
2. Demo Company
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